Nurturally Truly Hands Free Pumping Bra
Nurturally Truly Hands Free Pumping Bra
Nurturally Truly Hands Free Pumping Bra
Nurturally Truly Hands Free Pumping Bra
Nurturally Truly Hands Free Pumping Bra
Nurturally Truly Hands Free Pumping Bra
Nurturally Truly Hands Free Pumping Bra

Nurturally Truly Hands Free Pumping Bra


When Nurturally’s founder tried a few of the top-rated pumping bras, she found that none of them actually worked well, she asked her engineer husband to help her design the perfect pumping bra that solves all the problems that moms struggle with.

At Nurturally we understand that the one thing a new mom never has enough of, is Time. So we worked tirelessly to design the perfect bra that frees up your hands, anywhere you choose to pump.
Even though it is so reliable that you can wear it while bathing the baby or changing a diaper, it is actually most appreciated when taking some much needed hands-free "Me-time".
The Nurturally Pumping Bra patented design is a sporty looking pumping bra, with a racerback design. It features thick, adjustable straps, shiny accents, and woven logos on the back, waist and underbust bands.

Nurturally Hands Free Pumping Bra is a 2020 'Best For Moms' National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) winner and has won Silver in the MadeforMums Awards 2021. Go to the NAPPA article here and the MadeForMums 2021 article here.

- FIRM HOLD: Thanks to our patented Bottle Holding Sling Design you can free up your hands and move about confidently without ever losing suction. The adjustable shoulder straps hold the increasing milk load and prevent leakage, without putting pressure on your breasts. PLEASE NOTE: This bra is NOT designed to be worn as a regular bra or as an all-day nursing bra. The product is for pumping ONLY.

- COMFORTABLE: The bikini-shaped cups adapt easily without compromising comfort. The shape of the cups leaves much of the breast open for hand expression. The band is designed to sit partly over the breast with the pump opening centered on the nipple and NOT under the breast on the rib cage. This is designed to provide extra hold on the breast shields to avoid any suction loss. This is primarily a hands-free pumping bra and not a regular bra to cover the whole breast.

- HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE: During the breastfeeding stage, your bra size changes. We have designed our bra to fully adjust to your changes with ease. The waistband can be highly adjusted, with the ability to also extend the distance between the cups using the front fastener.

- FREEDOM TO MOVE: Along with the bra we include a semi-transparent Pump Carrier Bag, allowing you to carry and use your portable pump when moving around.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not a substitute for your nursing bra.

ELEGANT PACKAGING: Nurturally comes in a beautiful eco-friendly box, perfect for gifting and baby shower registries. 

FIBRE CONTENT: Main Body 68% Nylon, 32% Spandex, Wings 70% Nylon, 30% Spandex, Trims 100% Nylon.
It is recommended to use cold water below 30 degrees, gentle hand wash with a neutral detergent. Do not machine wash or bleach. Naturally dry in a cool and ventilated environment.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If Nurturally Pumping Bra is not right for you, contact us anytime and we will refund 100% of your purchase with no questions asked. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.