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Hygienic Hand Held Air Pump - for Mobile Salon, Inflatable Toys, Exercise Balls and Other Blow Up Toys

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  • IDEAL PUMP FOR ANY OF YOUR INFLATABLE NEEDS: Inflatable beds, pool toys, party balloons, exercise balls and many other. This pump has a multi function nozzle design to fit most inflatable devices.
  • HYGIENIC: Practice good healthy Hygiene by using this pump in stead of blowing up inflatables with your mouth.
  • DURABLE, & EASY TO USE: This pump is made of durable plastic with the classic pump-action design for easy inflation that won't snap or break during use.
  • QUICK INFLATE DUAL ACTION: The dual action design makes inflating inflatable hair wash basins, exercise balls and many other inflatable toys twice as fast as a single action pump
  • PORTABLE AND EASY STORAGE: Perfect for on the go. Compact size means you can inflate large items without a large pump! Use this hand pump for your everyday needs then store it in any drawer, pocket, or small compartment. Take this handy pump anywhere from Sports games to birthday parties, back yard barbecues or anything else on the go - just pack up your Handy Pump and worry no more!