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Omni Grip 6 Pack Comfort Grips for Pen, Pencil, Apple Pencil and Styluses

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- MAXIMUM COMFORT: Ergonomic, silicone grip provides supreme comfort and efficiency. Sleek, slim discreet pen grip is perfect for home or office, pens, pencils, and stylus. WRITING TOOLS NOT INCLUDED

- DISCREET AND PROFESSIONAL: Omni Grip is a writing aid and comfort cushion designed specifically for adults, instead of children and teenagers. Each grip offers key features desired by grown adults in the working and professional world, such as being sleek and not bulky, chic and discreet. Omni Grip offers great value, with each set including six black grips.

- PREVENTS CALLOUSES AND CHRONIC PAIN: Omni Grip is essential for those who spend some, part, or most of their day writing or sketching. Our innovative new design lets your hand and fingers rest against the grip without rubbing or pressing against the shaft of your pen or pencil, preventing calluses or blisters. Omni Grip is also ideal for individuals with chronic pain such as arthritis or tendonitis, or sensitivity in their hands, wrists, or fingers.

- TWO-IN-ONE DESIGN: Omni Grip offers two completely different grip experiences depending on which way it's used. Choose between maximum cushioning or slim profile, and swap on the fly.

- COMPATIBLE WITH APPLE PENCIL 2: Fits perfectly on the Apple Pencil and Apple Pencil 2. The translucent design makes the product blend in and look beautiful.

- UNIQUE SHAPE: Omni Grip's profile is a combination of a circle and triangle: a Rolling Triangle. This ergonomic shape allows for maximum comfort and an effortless grip, regardless of your writing style. (PENS NOT INCLUDED) *PATENT PENDING*